Wedding Insurance

One of the more baffling things about those who plan their wedding is that they forget to purchase wedding insurance, or perhaps leave it to the last minute. As you are probably aware, a wedding is an incredibly expensive event and if something that happens that affects the wedding you don’t want to lose every penny you spent right? Of course you don’t, and this is where wedding insurance can help you out. Let’s take a little look at what wedding insurance is, and more importantly what it covers.

You are most likely aware what insurance is. After all, it has become a necessity in our lives with many us holding various policies such as car insurance and home insurance. The idea of this type of insurance is to ensure that your wedding is protected financially against anything that could ruin the wedding. This ensures that you will get your money back should the ‘big day’ need to be cancelled or postponed. There are many different reasons as to why this may need to happen at a wedding. For example, if either the bride or groom become sick or die (or a close family member) or even if the photographer turns up. Of course, like standard insurance policies the company you choose will have a list of eventualities they cover and things that they don’t. It is therefore important to compare wedding insurance to ensure you get the best possible deal for yourself and to ensure everything is covered.

One of the things worth noting here is that not all medical conditions are covered by the wedding insurance. For example, if the couple or family members are affected by a terminal illness when the insurance is taken out there will be no reimbursement of costs. This is the same for all insurance providers.

One of the things that aren’t covered is when one of the parties decides that they no longer wish to get married. You will not get any money back in this circumstance no matter how much you plead with the wedding insurance provider.

So what is covered? As mentioned previously, the policy will cover illness and cancellation should suppliers go bust or not deliver on their goods. This means that wedding cars, venues, damage to wedding property and photography will be covered. You will not be covered for things that you are already aware could be a problem when your wedding rolls around. Basically, only unexpected scenarios are covered.

More and more people are now choosing to get married abroad. After all, the United Kingdom isn’t the sunniest place in the world is it? If you are planning to get married abroad then it is more important than ever that you have the right wedding insurance in place. Again, this is a part where you will need to compare insurance quotes in order to ensure that the wedding is covered even if it is being held in slightly more exotic locations. Make sure you have the relevant travel insurance in place as well as your wedding insurance will not cover this! If you are getting married in winter climates (or even winter in the United Kingdom) then you may need to take out a special insurance policy to ensure that you are protected against the extreme Winter weather.

So how can you compare wedding insurance? Well, the best thing to do is get the prices from a number of different providers. You can then read through their policy to see what they do and what they don’t cover. This is important as you want to be covered for as many eventualities as possible. Comparing the insurance is easier than most other types. The main thing you are going to be on the lookout will be the cancellation cover. This is the most that the insurance provider will pay in the event something goes wrong with your wedding (in line with their policy’s terms and conditions). Remember, they will need to see receipts of all wedding transactions before they make a pay-out. The second thing you will be looking for is the excess. This is the amount of money that you need to pay before the insurance kicks in. Generally this isn’t very high but you should always ensure that you have the deductible available should the worst happen. Finally you will want to look at the premium which is the amount that you will be paying for the cover. By weighing all of these up you will easily be able to see whether you have a good deal or not.

So when should you buy wedding cover? Well, the majority of policies can be purchased up to two years before your wedding, although generally speaking it is advised to purchase it later when you have a better idea of how much it will cost you. You will be able to purchase insurance up to the day of the wedding (depending on the provider) but this isn’t advisable as a lot of questions will be asked should something go wrong.

So, do you really need wedding insurance? Of course you do. As mentioned at the start weddings are very expensive. If something goes wrong that isn’t your fault then it can cause a massive hole in your wallet that you may never be able to fill again. Wedding insurance helps provide you with peace of mind that everything is going to go smoothly and ensure you won’t be left out of pocket.

Remember, it is always important that you compare wedding insurance before purchasing any. This ensures that you get the best value for your money. Whilst it is highly unlikely that you will ever need to claim on your insurance it is always best to ensure that you are adequately covered just in case the worse should happen. As mentioned before, you need to work out how much cover you need as well as the excess you are willing to pay. Remember, wedding insurance really isn’t that expensive so this is a cost that should certainly be paid for.

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